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    IA Hydro Energy Private Limited


Chanju-I Hydro Electric Project in name of M/s IA Hydro Energy Pvt Ltd (subsidiary of ShriBajrang Power &Ispat Ltd) is a 36 MW grid connected run-of-river hydropower project located in District Chamba, Himachal Pradesh is under operationsince February 2017. The project is located in the Northern power region and has been conceived for harnessing the power potential of ChanjuNallah, a tributary of Bairanallah and sub tributary of River Ravi. The project relates to the installation of three Francis turbine generating units of 12 MW each for utilizing a design head of 236.67 m and a design discharge of 16.85 m3/s.

The project is having designenergy of 157,850 MWhof energy. The net electricity available for sale to the grid would be 135,810 MWh after auxiliary consumption and transmission losses as well as free power to the home state for first 12 years. However considering 50% dependable year computation the energy generation shall be 206,550 MWh& net saleable power will be 177,720 MWh @ 65.5% PLF.

Hydro project benefits:

  • Hydro Power is a clean renewable source of energy i.e. Green Energy.
  • Does not contribute to Air or Water pollution and No Green House Gas emission.
  • Cost of generation and O&M is lower than other conventional power sources.
  • High efficiency compared to thermal and gas based power generation.
  • Cost of generation is free from inflanatory effect.
  • The Project is situated very close to glacier, hence being Perennial source of water the total discharge in stream at any time is summation of snow melt and surface Runoff due to rain fall in the catchment. Further since said Glacier is lying in sunny area, hence snow melting will be faster. The run of the river Hydro Project does not involve the construction of dam therefore negative impact associated with the dams will not occur.
  • Peaking Power Generation – Since project having provision of gated Barrage therefore about 33% energy shall be generated during peak hours.

Eap and O&M

Petition for Determination of tariff for power supply to Haryana Power Purchase Centre (HPPC) in Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC)

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    Shri Bajrang Energy Private Limited

Shri Bajrang Energy Private Limited Shri Bajrang Energy Private Limited is involved in the business of generation, transmission, distribution of electrical energy, thermal energy, bio energy, solar energy, hydro power, bio power and other related activities.

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    Shri Bajrang Steel Corporate Limited

Shri Bajrang Steel Corporate Limited Shri Bajrang Steel Corporate Limited engaged in the business of manufacturing, producing, trading, processing, dealing, distributing all kinds of iron and steel products-ferrous and non-ferrous metals.