• TMT Rebars

    The FE500D variety of TMT bars were introduced by BIS in their latest amendment in the year 2008. This quality of TMT bars demonstrates higher tensile strength and ductility. Goel TMT’s FE 500 D bars are manufactured under a strictly regulated process which makes them easily bendable. This feature provides Goel TMT bars with the capacity to absorb sudden loads, which make them ideal for various natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones. The high safety features offered by Goel TMT bars make them well suited for zones having high seismic activity.

    With the production capacity of 350000 tons of TMT, we use the state of the art Thermex process to produce our FE 500D Bars.

On completion of rolling bar, temperature is around 1000°C. A sharp intensive and a precise inline cooling is imparted to the rolling bar as it passes through the specially designed Thermex cooling pipes. This affects the outer layer of the bar and the core is unaffected. The quenching results in a sudden temperature drop resulting in a uniformly hardened periphery with a soft ductile core.


  IS:1786 Goel TMT Fe500D
Chemical Properties Fe500D Fe500D
%Carbon (max) .25 .17 -.21
%Sulphur (s)(max) .040 .025 -.035
%Phosphorus (P) (max) .040 .030 -.037
% S & P (max) 0.075 .070(max)
Mechanical Properties Fe500D Fe500D
Yield Stress 500 535-555
TS/YS >1.10 1.16-1.20
Total Elongation 5 6-8

FE500 S :-

FE 500S is designed to improve the performance where you need greater ductility. It is used in construction and designing of earthquake resistant structures in seismic zones. The minimum specified elongation for FE 500S is 18% and the tensile strength must be 1.25 times the actual yield length.

  IS:1786 Goel TMT 500s
Chemical Properties Fe 500s Fe 500s
%Carbon (max) .025 .25
%Sulphur (s)(max) .040 .035
%Phosphorus (P) (max) .040 .035
% S & P (max) 0.075 .070
Mechanical Properties Fe 500s Fe 500s
Yield Stress 500 510
%Elongation (min) 18 19
TS/YS 1.25 1.27
Total Elongation 8 9

FE 600:-

FE 600 Bars have low carbon content and advanced elongation properties that ensures excellent yield and ductility. These are high strength TMT Bars and are used in construction of heavy structures like high rise buildings, bridges and so on. These are used to withstand heavy loads.

  IS:1786 Goel TMT 600
Chemical Properties Fe 600 Fe 600
%Carbon (max) .30 .25
%Sulphur (s)(max) .040 .035
%Phosphorus (P) (max) .040 .035
% S & P (max) 0.075 .070
Mechanical Properties Fe 600 Fe 600
Yield Stress 600 610
%Elongation (min) 10 12
TS/YS 1.25 1.27
Total Elongation 8 9
Ultimate Tensile Stress 660 665